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Books that I want to read on 2016 (Part 1)

I´ve realized that there are some books coming out this year that I want to read and also there are many books I have that I haven´t read yet, so I thought about make a list of some books that I want to (and I hope to) read on 2016 here they are:

1. Morning Star - Pierce Brown 

There is no much I can say about this book, because is the last book in a trilogy, but I´ve really enjoyed these books, especially the second book that just left me very surprised with that ending. The first book in the trilogy is Red Rising, the second one is Golden Son and the last one Morning Star. These are books that maybe can be a little slow paced but at least in my case I liked the story that Pierce Brown has created. These books  also were part of my favorite books on 2015.

2. The Last Star - Rick Yancey 

The same story of the previous book, this is the third book in a trilogy, the first book is The Fifth Wave and the second one is The Infinite Sea. These books are about aliens, and I had not read something like this before but I liked the idea, I can wait to know what will happen in this story, besides in a couple of days The Fifth Wave movie is coming out and if you haven´t read the book yet, you should do it, there´s still time!

3. Steelheart & Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

I´ve been trying to read these books for quite some time and I´m really interested in reading them but for some odd reason I haven´t read them yet, I started to read Steelheart the last year and I hope I will read it on 2016, because there´s a lot of people who loves Brandon Sanderson´s books and I want to be part of this.

4. Civil War - Stuart Moore

I found this book without looking for it, the movie is coming out this year and caught my attention, I thought it could a good idea read this before watching the movie, besides I like the idea of comics turned into books, such as the Black Widow´s book that I read when the year was just starting. This book is within the booklist I want to read soon.

5. Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

I am already reading this book, I´m almost finished and I think this book is gonna be part of my favorite books on 2016, I don´t know, I hope so, there are still some pages to read and I have to say that my head is a mess, I am constantly changing my thoughts. You can check the synopsis here.

6. Glass Sword - Victoria Aveyard

This is another book I´ve started but in spite of the fact that I was enjoying the book, I felt like I wasn´t making progress and it didn´t like me, that was the reason to start Gone Girl xD but when I finish that book I will continue reading thois book because Red Queen was a book I enjoyed a lot and has become one of my favorite books.

7. The Underland Chronicles - Suzanne Collins

It is not a secret that The Hunger Games wre a complete success, it became the favorite books for many people, it helped people to  start reading more, me included, and because o that I´ll always love this trilogy. Back to the point, this series was written before The Hunger Games and I want to read more Suzanne Collins books, I hope this series like me a lot, I don´t know much about it, just that it is about a boy with his sister who fall into a hole and arrive on an underground place. Something like Alice in Wonderland.

*Now I pretend to re read some trilogies and series*

8. The Narnia Chronicles - C. S. Lewis

I read these books when I was 14 years old, I remember I couldn´t stop reading and I really  enjoyed reading these books. I want to re-read them because I want to know what will be my thoughts now that I´ve growned up.

9. The Testing Trilogy - Joelle Charbonneau

I read these books because people said "if you  loved The Hunger Games you will like this trilogy". I liked these books and there are a few things that make you feel like you´re reading The Hunger Games, especially in the first book, but from the second one everything is completely different. This trilogy is about a society where just a few people can go to the college, the best ones, but first they have to go through The Testing, a series of tests of all types,  and people who went through the testing can´t remember anything about that.

10. The Ascendance Trilogy - Jennifer A. Nielsen

I read these books last year without knowing I will love them, there are many plot twists that I wasn´t expecting and I really enjoyed these books, especially the second and third ones because they were action packed books; it was impossible that these books were not part of my favorite books of 2015. If you don´t know about this trilogy, it is about a man who is looking for orphans who meet some characteristics to be an impersonator of the lost prince, just one orphan will be chosen, the others won´t have a clear future. 

Are you planning to read some of these books? you can leave a comment below to let me know and also if you want to recommend me a book, you can do it!

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