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Civil War (Book)

Title: Civil War
Author: Stuart Moore
Series/Trilogy: No
Pages: 352




Iron Man and Captain America: two core members of the Avengers, the world's greatest super hero team. When a tragic battle blows a hole in the city of Stamford, killing hundreds of people, the U.S. government demands that all superheroes unmask and register their powers. To Tony Stark - Iron Man - it's a regrettable but necessary step. To Captain America, it's an unbearable assault on civil liberties.


Personal Opinion

I´m starting to get into this world of comics xD when I heard that this movie is coming out this year I wanted to read the comic immediately, but I found a little surprise, there was a book! that caught my attention and I decided to give an opportunity to this book. But, speaking about the movie, there is a detail, apparently in the movie the reason of the dispute won´t be the same reason of the comic, and I don´t know but I think that it would be better if they would respect the original line of the comic.

I was saying that it caught my attention to see the comic turned into a book, I thought that it would be a great idea reading the book and reading the comic at the same time, and it was a great experience. There are some things that are different between the book and the comic but there are just little things, a dialogue said but a different character, for example, among others. In that aspect, I think that Stuart Moore made a good job with this book.

The story, for those who don´t know, begins with this big incident caused by Nitro, a villian who has the ability to explode, that incident left more than 900 deaths, and this is one of the ultimate cause for the gobernment to take measures to control super humans, that is the Superhuman Registration Act, which obliges everyone who wants to use powers in public to registrate and reveal their secret identity. There are some who support this because they believe that it is the best course of action, like Iron Man, but there are others who think that it is a violation to the civil liberties, like Captain America. These characters are going to lead both sides of this war.

The book is very fluent and it´s easy to read, there are many action parts, characters who switch side, friends against friends, etc. it is a good option to have a good time reading.

Which side was I? Team Cap, of course, because he is one of my favorite superheroes of marvel universe, and because even though I wasn´t entirely disagree with the intentions  of Iron Man, that got out of his control, and also Iron Man it´s not one of my favorite characters.

About the ending, I thought that I knew what was going to happen because I had heard some things, but it was different, and I liked it but it was a little disappointing for me. I can say that I´m more interested in this comic world now!  

I don´t know what else I can say,  I liked the book, it wasn´t something amazing either, but it made me have a great time reading, it made me laugh in some parts, particularly the scene when Peter Parker (Spiderman) is talking with his aunt May, that was so funny!. I liked more the comic than the book, because it is more visual than the book, but both made me have a good time.

And although I said that in the movie the cause of the war is going to be different (something related to Captain America best friend, Buck) m really excited to watch it.

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Are you excited to watch the movie? have you read the comic or the book? Iron Man or Captain America? Let me know in the comments below ;)

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